What unique element and/or task do you bring to the store?
Creatively, I consider myself the mannequins’ personal stylist. I try throwing a new outfit on the mannequins once a week. I try to push them fashionably to the limit (for Boulder).


What's your favorite clothing line and/or style? Why?
Right now I’m into anything high-waisted, but have to tell you I’ve been loving men’s unstructured sports jackets. There are so many amazing new brands that have great tailoring and fabrics.


What's your favorite part of working on the Pearl St Mall?
The sounds of Pearl Street. On most days there is always someone out front the doors playing an instrument or two.


What's your favorite restaurant in Boulder?
I’m a Denver girl, but if I would have to choose… for lunch it would the Kitchen Next Door, or Brassiere Ten Ten (FYI try the hot dog – it's to die for)! For a fun night with the family/and or friends, try Pizzeria Locale (duh)!


What do you do on your days off?
When the weather permits, I love to be in my backyard in some sort of ridiculous outfit playing with my adorable poodles and listening to music with my husband Nick! If the weather is a problem I do the same thing indoors. So smart!!


What should customers know about you?
I love to have fun at my job and try not to take myself too seriously. I’m also 30 even though I look 21!


What do you like best about working at Weekends?
It brings new and exciting challenges to my life on a daily basis. Plus, how could I forget Dan the UPS man. He is the best!