Footwear + Accessories Buyer



When did you start working at Weekends?


What are your responsibilities at Weekends?

I dress the mannequins, buy the shoes, jewelry and accessories and help with events!

What do you enjoy most about working at Weekends?

I love meeting new people! The customers are so much fun to work with and its a bonus that we get to help them find amazing new additions to their wardrobes!

What do you think sets Weekends apart from other retailers?

Number one would be our customer service. Our priority is customer satisfaction. We make sure anyone that comes in our store has a fun, memorable and stylish experience! We have a unique collection of brands and pieces that you cannot find just anywhere.

Name some of your favorite brands that we carry and why you love them.

rag + bone. It is classic but always has an edge or small detail that sets any piece apart from the rest. Skull Cashmere would be my other favorite! Skulls and cashmere...what could be better?!

Describe your perfect day off.

My perfect day off would be spent with my husband and our dog doing something in the mountains, then finishing off the day watching our favorite shows while eating Thai from our favorite restaurant!

What are some of your favorite things to do in Boulder and Pearl Street Mall?

My favorite thing to do on Pearl Street is go to all the different restaurants. Progressive dinners are my favorite! Having different parts of my meal at different restaurants keeps my meals interesting and delicious!

If you could choose one style icon, who would it be?

Carrie Bradshaw. Always!